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✔️ The Playbook Series is a simple instructional guide on how to set up 28 unique Amazon campaigns.  

✔️ This PDF download includes all ad types - Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display!
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✔️ Every type of campaign you'll need is clearly outlined with step by step instructions and a video explanation.

✔️ Includes detailed video explanations!
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✔️ Learn how to use the "Customer Journey" to match shoppers intent (creating way more efficient ads).

✔️ Learn how to advertise with a MEGA brand mindset even if you're on a budget!

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We’re Here For You, Beyond The Playbook...

The Playbook Series contains links to corresponding videos for every single campaign discussed. We’ve designed it to provide a wealth of information in an easy to follow format.

But… Everyone learns differently.

If implementing the Playbook Series doesn’t save you time and give you a clear roadmap for successful Amazon advertising, we’ll schedule a free strategy call with you to figure out why.